What We Fund

Climate and Clean Energy; Lands, Water, Wildlife Protection; Movement Building

Finding equitable clean energy solutions to the climate crisis; continuing our legacy of protecting lands, water, and wildlife; and acting for justice are intertwined, and they are all critical to achieving our mission. This holistic approach is required as threats to planetary and human health and to our democracy become more acute.

Achieving ambitious goals requires mobilizing unprecedented people power. The environmental movement of today must center values of equity, inclusion, and justice and must work collaboratively with other social justice movements working to realize a world where people and nature thrive. 

And we are in a great position to help do that. Our investments in the Sierra Club’s community-based and online organizing work, national media, law program, and policy advocacy support much of the clean energy progress we’re seeing todayprogress that must be accelerated.

Our continuing work toward a just and healthy planet for all is rooted in strong relationships with community groups, local officials, Native American Tribes, social justice organizations, and other partners and allies. By increasingly centering our support in community-based organizing, non-traditional partnerships, grassroots action, and powerbuilding, we are demonstrating how people and nature are powerful together.

Photo Credits:

Horse Camp: Mike Hupp