Shifting Trillions



What is Shifting Trillions?

Shifting Trillions refers to the role of capital in moving as quickly as possible toward the world we all deserve.

All people have a right to clean air, land, water, and natural services. All individuals, communities, and economies are embedded in, and dependent upon, a larger web of ecological relationships. Our current industrial model erodes ecological relationships, destabilizes our climate, and undermines our shared right to a healthy, thriving planet.

Shifting Trillions is how we build something better. A world that supports the right of everyone to live in healthy communities, with just and regenerative economic systems, on a thriving planet.

How we change the world

Investment Stewardship: to shift the flow of global capital toward solutions that advance a regenerative and just economy.

Compelling Narratives: to promote healthy, integrated relationships between ecosystems, social systems, and people.

Effective Partnership: to accelerate progress toward a world that supports the right of everyone to live in healthy communities, on a thriving planet, with just and regenerative economic systems.

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External Resources

ValuesAdvisor is a nonprofit platform that connects you with values-aligned financial advisors recommended by impact investors, helping you secure your financial future while addressing the world's most pressing environmental problems. Explore their proprietary database to find advisors who align with your sustainable investing goals here.

The Sierra Club Foundation launched a pilot partnership with voting technology platform iconik. The iconik platform makes the Sierra Club Foundation’s shareholder voting policy available to all investors, and anyone who holds shares in a company. You can learn more here.