Donor Advised Funds

Are you interested in helping to fund the transition to a low-carbon, renewable energy economy? Do you want your environmental giving to be strategic - helping to fund climate solutions, supporting an enduring legacy of conservation, and building a stronger, more diverse environmental movement for today’s America? A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at the Sierra Club Foundation may be the giving vehicle for you.

Donor Advised Funds are flexible philanthropic vehicles that provide attractive tax and administrative benefits to donors interested in maximizing their giving. A Donor Advised Fund at the Sierra Club Foundation (SCF) helps leverage philanthropic resources in support of SCF’s mission. DAFs can be used to support the charitable programs of Sierra Club as well as other organizations whose work aligns with SCF’s mission. DAFs are great for individuals and families seeking active involvement in their philanthropy.

In exchange for a minimum funding commitment to benefit Sierra Club programs fiscally sponsored by SCF and/or SCF grant programs like the Forward Faster Fund, DAF donors get access to information about the issues, program strategies, leaders, and organizations that are making a difference in fighting climate change, promoting clean energy solutions, and bringing more people into the environmental movement as advocates and change agents. Drawing from our strong international grantmaking track record and the domestic grassroots power and networks of our partner the Sierra Club, our experience and connections from the global to the local can help you achieve your philanthropic goals.

Summary of Donor Advised Fund benefits:

  • Flexible
  • Low cost
  • Immediate and maximum tax benefits
  • Administrative convenience
  • Simple record keeping
  • Grantmaking advisory privileges
  • No fund tax filing
  • Privacy
  • Investment options
  • Tax-free growth of invested funds
  • Professional staff support (grantmaking and investment)

You can establish a fund by signing a simple Donor Advised Fund Agreement and making an irrevocable and tax deductible gift (to the fullest extent allowed by law) of cash, securities, or other assets. The minimum initial contribution requirement is $100,000, including a commitment to allocate twenty-five percent (25%) of all DAF contributions (initial and subsequent) to benefit Sierra Club charitable programs and/or SCF grant programs.

For more information, download our donor advised fund program brochure here.

For questions or to open a fund today, please contact us at (415) 995-1780 or email