Visiting Shasta Alpine Hut


In summer, the spring at the Shasta Alpine Hut ensures a reliable supply of fresh water. There are plenty of cleared campsites after the snow melts. A Phoenix solar-powered composting toilet converts human waste into a non-toxic end product for low-impact camping. The hut houses a guest register, a small library of mountain books, and displays pertaining to Mount Shasta, as well as a lost and found board for climbers. Please note that due to wildfire risk, campfires are no longer allowed at the hut, even in the fire ring.

To get to the Shasta Alpine Hut, drive along Everitt Memorial Highway from Mount Shasta City to the Bunny Flat trailhead at about 7,000 feet elevation. The trailhead has signage with information, and the trail from Bunny Flat is approximately 1.6 miles long, gaining 1,000 feet of elevation. Be sure to get a wilderness permit at the trailhead before you depart.

Camping fees are $5.00 per tent and $3.00 per solo bivy. The suggested day-use donation is $1.00 per person.   

In the winter season there is no daily caretaker present at the hut, although a winter caretaker makes sure that the entrance to the hut is kept free of snow. The composting toilet and spring are not maintained during the winter months, so visitors must provide their own water. Skiers, snowshoers, and climbers must be properly outfitted and experienced in winter wilderness travel. Winter conditions on Mt. Shasta can be harsh and unforgiving.

Know Before You Go!

To check on current conditions before visiting Mount Shasta, visit the following web sites:

Shasta Alpine Hut Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines during your visit to the Shasta Alpine Hut:

  • Stay on the trail and avoid stepping on fragile plant life – do not cut corners on switchbacks.
  • Do not take rocks, plants, or any other items from the trail, leave things where they are.
  • Respect wildlife and keep at a distance, hang and pack out all food and trash.
  • Camp only in established sites and wash dishes at least 100 feet away from water sources and camp.
  • NO FIRES are allowed anywhere along the trail or at the hut.
  • NO DOGS, HORSES or PACK ANIMALS, or other DOMESTICATED ANIMALS allowed anywhere on Foundation property, except visitors with service or assistance animals in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Service animals should be tethered and remain under the visitor’s control at all times.
  • NO DRONES or AIRCRAFT of any kind are allowed.
  • NO BICYCLES or MOTORIZED VEHICLES of any kind are allowed.