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TSCF Runs for Sierra Club Outdoors


On April 20, The Sierra Club Foundation Executive Director Peter Martin lined up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, joining tens of thousands to run in the Boston Marathon. In a team with two other Sierra Club supporters, Martin ran to raise money for Sierra Club Outdoors, a program sponsored by The Sierra Club Foundation that reaches across economic lines, cultures, and communities to engage everyone – including military and youth – to explore and enjoy the natural world.

In a recent article published by Sierra, Martin explains why he took the 26-mile challenge. “Sierra Club Outdoors was how I originally became involved with the Sierra Club and it’s what put me on my career path within the conservation movement,” he says. “Finding joy, comfort, and confidence through outdoor experiences has helped shape the lives of my family members during critical times. There’s no cause closer to my heart than Sierra Club Outdoors and I was proud to represent the program.”

Former National Hockey League goaltender and current TSCF board member Mike Richter planned to race as a fourth team member in support of Sierra Club Outdoors, but had to withdraw due to a family emergency. Richter tells Sierra “Understanding the connection between nature and human health is vital, especially in terms of mental health. Soon, doctors may be prescribing time outdoors to their patients.”

Still, the original team of four, including Mike Richter, well surpassed their goal of raising $30,000 to benefit Sierra Club Outdoors. The team ended up raising over $47,000! The donations will support a new Sierra Club Outdoors initiative called the Sierra Club Youth Leadership Academy, which trains underserved high school students to become outdoor leaders and community-minded citizens who will then become mentors and leaders on outdoor excursions for younger students.


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