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Tar Sands Resistance March on June 6


On Saturday, June 6, thousands will gather in Minnesota for the Tar Sands Resistance March, an event organized by the Sierra Club to advocate to keep tar sands pipelines out of the Great Lakes Region for the sake of clean water, clean energy, and a safe climate. The march will begin at Lambert Landing along the Mississippi River in St. Paul and end with a rally at the State Capitol Lawn.

“This will be the largest anti-tar sands event ever in the part of the country where opposition to Keystone XL first gathered steam,” noted Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune in his blog post about the march.

“First, we don't want tar sands. The Obama administration should deny a permit not only for Keystone XL, but also for any other tar sands pipeline or pipeline expansion that would cross our border, including Enbridge's notorious Alberta Clipper pipeline,” said Brune of the messages the event will be sending. “Second, we don't need tar sands. By investing in clean energy and energy efficiency, we can not only replace the energy we get from dirty fuels like tar sands, but also clean up our air and water, ensure healthier and more prosperous communities, create millions of new American jobs, and address climate disruption.”

The Sierra Club Foundation has been funding the Sierra Club’s participation in mass mobilization events with the purpose of educating the public about clean energy solutions and building momentum to win clean energy victories. The pinnacle of these movement building events last year was the People’s Climate March in New York City, which brought together more than 400,000 activists, including more than 25,000 Sierra Club members. On the road to the United Nations climate negotiations in Paris in December of this year, the Sierra Club will be organizing more events to show global leaders the tremendous amount of public support for climate solutions.

Buses will be taking participants from all over the Midwest to the Tar Sands Resistance March. RSVP here!


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