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Sierra Club Foundation 2022 Annual Report: Breaking Through

2022 was a year of exciting breakthroughs in combating the climate and extinction crises we all face. In our 2022 annual report, we are pleased to share inspiring stories of the Sierra Club Foundation’s catalytic impact on creating a world where people and nature thrive.  

Years of public education, organizing, and advocacy - through the Sierra Club charitable programs that we fiscally sponsor and fund, and through collaboration with strategic partner organizations that share our goals and values -  resulted in a transformational federal commitment in 2022 of more than $700 billion in grants, tax credits, and other public investments for frontline communities, consumers, and investors. The money is starting to flow in 2023 and will advance clean energy projects, energy efficiency, climate-resilient infrastructure, and the deployment of public and private capital into underserved communities.  

The Sierra Club Foundation strategically invested assets from our Catalytic Capital Portfolio into community-based climate solutions. With allied investors, we successfully led shareholder resolutions that called on the largest U.S. banks to stop financing new fossil fuel exploration and development.

Our new Movement Forward Fund supported partners that advance shared climate and social justice goals at the local, state, and federal levels to create an equitable and sustainable future for all. We partnered with Sierra Club’s Our Wild America campaign, supporting chapters in leading state efforts to advance the national “America the Beautiful” commitment to protect 30 percent of the nation’s ecosystems by 2030.

The incredible breakthroughs we achieved in 2022 set us on a path to grow our movement at an unprecedented scale and depth. Together, staff, volunteers, and partners protected our gains, expanded our victories, and established brand-new ways of supporting community-led efforts. We are developing holistic strategies, iterating successes, expanding our impact, and deepening partnerships to build momentum across the country. The Sierra Club Foundation is primed to take the next leap forward and achieve even more breakthroughs, stronger than ever.

If you would like a printed copy of the 2022 Sierra Club Foundation Annual Report, please call (415) 995-1780 or email to request a copy. We are deeply grateful to our donors and supporters for sustaining this critical work over the past year and in years to come.

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