School Field Trips

Outdoor Education

Visiting the Shasta Alpine Hut is a tradition for many elementary school classes in Siskiyou County. We welcome school groups that wish to hike to the hut for an educational field trip during the month of September. 

The Shasta Alpine Hut is staffed by experienced caretakers who will lead classes on an informative tour of the property. We ask that educators call in advance and make a reservation for their school groups. There are several points to keep in mind when planning your group's visit:

  • Email Rebeca F. at to reserve a date and time. When your school group's reservation to visit the hut is confirmed, support materials and wilderness guidelines will be sent to you.
  • A caretaker will be there to interact with you and your students and to answer your questions. Each caretaker has a wealth of outdoor experience to share.
  • The Sierra Club Foundation works closely with the Mt. Shasta Ranger District of the U.S. Forest Service and at your request we may be able to arrange for a visit with one of the wilderness rangers in coordination with your hike to the hut.
  • The Shasta Alpine Hut is supported by donations to the Sierra Club Foundation, and we suggest that school groups voluntarily donate $1.00 per visitor. Donations may be made in cash or in one check (payable to the Sierra Club Foundation) for the entire group and may be deposited directly into the donation tube inside the hut at the time of your visit.