Endowment Funds

Interested in establishing a legacy gift to support the work of the Sierra Club Foundation? Consider setting up a general purpose endowment fund that broadly supports the Sierra Club Foundation's charitable mission. The minimum balance for establishing an endowment fund is $250,000.

A permanent endowment is a donation that is held and invested by the Sierra Club Foundation in perpetuity. Only the investment income earned on the donated funds may be spent to advance the mission of the Sierra Club Foundation. 

Addressing the climate and extinction crises is increasingly urgent for which financial support is crucial. Establishing a term endowment to be spent within a certain amount of time is another powerful way for a donor to provide multi-year support over a set time period that is defined by the donor. General purpose term endowments that broadly support the charitable mission of the Sierra Club Foundation provide us flexibility to adapt to program needs and priorities that may change over time.

Please contact us at (415) 995-1780 or e-mail foundation@sierraclubfoundation.org for more information or to open a fund today.