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100th Anniversary of Shasta Alpine Hut

The Sierra Club Foundation owns and operates the historic Shasta Alpine Hut, a climbers’ hut located on 720 acres that has long been a popular base camp for climbers and hikers on Mount Shasta at the south end of the Cascade Range in Northern California. The property is popularly known as "Horse Camp," a reference to the days when climbers left the town of Mt. Shasta and rode to the hut to start their climb up the mountain.

The Shasta Alpine Hut recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. The Hut, at about 8,000 ft. altitude, is located on the most popular climbing route on Mt. Shasta. It was built in 1922 and was originally constructed using local materials, including volcanic rock and Shasta red fir. The Hut has been used as an essential resting point for climbers attempting to summit Mt. Shasta and as a destination for hikers, skiers, and snowshoers in general. It also provides a source of potable spring water for visitors. Adjacent to the Hut is a solar-powered composting toilet that is regarded as one of the most innovative located anywhere in a high-elevation backcountry setting.

To celebrate the anniversary, Sierra Club Foundation Chief Financial Officer Kevin McGahan joined outgoing Site Manager Linda Chitwood and Education Director Rebeca Franco for a number of commemorative events The Mt. Shasta Sisson Museum curated an exhibit highlighting the Hut’s historical significance, including the role it plays in preserving natural habitats. There was a dinner celebrating the staff and many volunteers who have played essential roles in helping to maintain the Hut property’s infrastructure over time. The events culminated with a hike up to the Hut that included presentations from Ms. Franco, U.S. Forest Service climbing rangers, and volunteers with extensive knowledge of the area’s history, including the lore and contributions of the local Indigenous peoples. This centennial celebration highlights the significance of the Shasta Alpine Hut on magnificent Mt. Shasta throughout the years as it stands as a beacon of refuge and inspiration for people and conservation for its wild inhabitants.

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