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Cornelia Smith
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As a conservation activist, Cornelia Smith has given her time to help stabilize global population, clean up the Hudson River, and reduce the carbon footprint of her Poughkeepsie community. Supporting the Sierra Club as a member since 1956, Smith recently created a series of charitable gift annuities through The Sierra Club Foundation to help sustain the Club’s future work, and to provide herself with an income stream.

Pictured here with her sister, Cornelia (in yellow hat) grew up in Long Beach, California “roaming free” as a young girl. “Exploring and enjoying the outdoors was essential to my upbringing,” she says.  As a teen, she spent summers working as a camp counselor, and at college was a member of the Stanford Alpine Club. “I learned mountaineering scaling the Bay Area foothills” Cornelia says, “it was a short career, but I did climb Half Dome!”

Cornelia joined Sierra Club after she moved to San Francisco.  “I was doing a lot of hiking, meeting interesting people, and joining the Club seemed like a natural fit.” Then, on a Sierra Singles trip she met her future husband, Jim. “We were on the same trail from the beginning,” she recalls.

Today, “I find Sierra Club well-positioned to take on a long-term campaign addressing climate change” says Cornelia. “The organization has fresh vision and energy from its newest executive director, Michael Brune, while continuing to draw on the decades of wisdom and experience of its previous leaders.”

To plan for the Club’s future, as well as her own, Cornelia created a series of gift annuities to provide herself with monthly income. “Where else would you put your money? Sierra Club is in my blood and I truly believe in it.”

Ways to Give

A Wise Investment

Building a just and healthy society - one in which both humans and nature thrive - is not only a compassionate choice, but also a wise one. This kind of smart, opportunity-focused investment is what will move us into a future that is economically prosperous and environmentally sound. 

Gifts of any size to The Sierra Club Foundation contribute to building a vibrant and diverse environmental movement that can set our country firmly on the path to a greener future. We offer a variety of giving tools to help people achieve their charitable environmental goals. You can make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, Individual Retirement Accounts, life insurance or other assets to support TSCF's charitable mission. Most charitable gifts qualify for maximum tax advantage under federal law. 

To make a gift, click the "Donate Now" button at the top this site, or call (415) 995-1780 to explore other giving options.

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