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Taking on the International Coal Fight Through International Partnerships

Pollution plumes from coal and other fossil fuels know no nation-state boundaries. Even as coal use decreases in the U.S. due to the success of the Beyond Coal campaign, it is increasing elsewhere in the world, particularly in developing countries.

That’s why the Sierra Club Foundation, working with the Sierra Club’s International Program, is making targeted grants to partner organizations in countries where the threats of coal and fossil fuel development are increasing. The Sierra Club Foundation realizes that in addition to decreasing our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, to achieve long-term goals of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a stabilized climate means we have to understand and respond strategically to threats posed by dirty fossil fuels around the world.

The Foundation is working with individual and institutional donors—including our board members—to increase support of global efforts in key regions to expose the health, environmental, and economic impacts of fossil fuel development, and also encourage clean, renewable energy. The Foundation aims to provide funding where it can help strengthen the capacity and leadership of international activists fighting coal in their own countries on their own terms while also promoting clean energy solutions locally. Supporting efforts to hold the U.S. government accountable for funds it spends on energy development and financing overseas is an important part of this effort.

A grant by the Foundation helped activists expose international public and private financing for proposed coal plants in Myanmar, while a grant to Born Free Foundation UK helped support activists fighting coal developments that threaten wild tiger habitat in South Asia. Grants to international partners are also helping to make the case for clean renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel energy development consistent with goals established in the historic Paris Climate Summit Agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about the International Climate and Energy Campaign on Sierra Club’s website, click here.

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