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In memory of Doug Walker
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Statement from Sierra Club Foundation Executive Director Peter Martin: Doug Walker (pictured in red, below), Sierra Club Foundation Board Member and Treasurer, was found dead on January 1, apparently killed in an avalanche on Granite Mountain in the Cascades.

Doug was a mentor to many in the environmental movement, and deeply committed to his family, conservation, philanthropy, and getting young people from all backgrounds into the outdoors. We could always count on Doug for his straight talk, his strategic mind, and above all else, his passion for introducing others to the outdoors, especially his beloved Cascades.

Few people have left a larger mark on conservation and outdoor access than Doug. Just as he did on his hikes and climbs, Doug persevered tirelessly to help protect millions of acres of public land and to connect hundreds of thousands of Americans, especially under-served youth, to those lands for the healing benefits that they provide. Doug knew how important these precious lands were to his life and he wanted to provide the same opportunity to all Americans. You could tell that he got just as much joy, if not more, from taking out a poor kid from a rough neighborhood in Seattle than he did climbing with a US Senator. Giving back to his community and ensuring that everyone had the same opportunity was core to Doug's world view. More than a few times, I witnessed Doug well up with emotion when he talked about taking children out to the mountains for the first time.

Doug left his mark on countless people. For me, Doug was my climbing and hiking guide, an important mentor in my career, and a friend. Thousands could say the same thing and his passing has left a huge void for all those who care about conservation and outdoor access. Doug pushed me hard in the mountains and in my work, beyond what I thought I was capable of, and I am a better person for it. We are grateful to Doug for his friendship, his decades-long support for Sierra Club Outdoors, and his tireless leadership and dedication to lands conservation.

Our thoughts are with his family, as we remember his adventurous spirit. Doug seized every day, and he will be greatly missed. To honor Doug legacy and to help us achieve his vision of outdoor access for all Americans, we have set up the Sierra Club Foundation Doug Walker Memorial Fund. To donate, click here. Proceeds will be used to get more Americans outdoors to find their joy in the natural world as Doug did.


Sierra Club Outdoors

Building the Movement, One Trek at a Time

Through local outings, conservation-oriented activities, and leadership training, Sierra Club Outdoors programs support John Muir's assertion that people who experience wilderness firsthand are much more likely to preserve it for future generations.

Inspiring Connections Outdoors

The Inspiring Connections Outdoors program promotes appreciation for and protection of the natural environment, creating opportunities for personal development through outdoor adventures, leadership training, and environmental education for people who might not otherwise have the opportunity. "Whenever kids fall in love with the outdoors, they become the future stewards," says San Francisco Bay Outings Leader Sina Szabados. "In 20 years, they will be the next us. My biggest goal is to empower them and make them want to get outside and get away from their TVs and video games."

Military Outdoors

Sierra Club Outdoors, through its Military Outdoors program, has successfully worked to bring 50,000 service members, veterans, and their family members outside.  In addition to increasing physical activity, outdoor recreation and education has successfully been used to improve academic performance, reduce stress and anxiety, and even mitigate the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury in military veterans returning from active service. The Sierra Club Foundation is currently funding The Great Outdoors Lab, a groundbreaking research study documenting the biological and emotional effects of spending time outdoors. The project is a collaboration between the Sierra Club, REI, and University of California - Berkeley.

By supporting Sierra Club Outdoors, the Foundation is building a stronger, healthier, more inclusive environmental movement by employing a combination of strategies to reach across economic bounds, cultures, and communities to encourage people to explore and enjoy the wild places that surround them.  Getting outdoors is good for all of us. 

To learn more about the Sierra Club Outdoors programs on the Sierra Club's website, click here!

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The Sierra Club Foundation stewards charitable contributions and assets responsibly. We are proud to have earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and an A from CharityWatch. Our high ratings from nonprofit watchdog organizations demonstrate our commitment to sound fiscal management, good governance, and commitment to accountability and transparency.