"We are not fighting to line our pockets or to make the evening news. We are fighting for the
air we all breathe, the water we all drink, and the wild places
we all love."

- Pat Gallagher
Sierra Club Environmental Law Program Director

Environmental Law Program

Litigation Advocacy

Sierra Club's Environmental Law Program directs legal strategy for the Club's priority campaigns and supports environmental litigation work by local chapters and groups. They take pride in being “lawyer organizers.” Their docket covers the entire range of environmental issues, from local fights over polluting coal plants to cases of national significance on greenhouse gases, toxic pollution, clean air, clean water, and wilderness preservation. They have been doing this work since 1970. 

In the process, the Environmental Law Program partners with a broad swath of diverse partners, from hunting clubs in Arkansas to farmers in South Dakota to faith groups in Appalachia and labor leaders around the country. This work is integrated with an enormous grassroots organizing effort in more than 40 states, implementing strategic communications and policy campaigns at the national, state, and local levels. 

As the Club’s in-house legal team, the Environmental Law Program is one of the smartest, most creative litigation programs ever assembled. They stay one step ahead of the curve by continually updating their knowledge and tactics, keeping opponents on their heels, and forever striving to enforce a vision of leaving a prosperous and healthy planet for the generations to come. 

The Sierra Club Foundation is proud to support this program. 

To learn more about the Environmental Law Program on Sierra Club's website, click here!

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