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Homepage Slide Show:
Beyond Coal Campaign, Photo by Dennis Schroeder
Our Wild America, Photo by Micah Baird
Sierra Club Outdoors, Photo courtesy of Michael Horgan, Harrisburg ICO
Environmental Law Program, Photo by Ken Thomas
About TSCF: Photo by Karissa Sellman
Mission Page, Photo by Doug DaSilva
History Page, Photo courtesy of Sierra Club ICO - Denver
Staff Page, Top Photo by Byrant Scannell
Investment Strategy Subpage, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Socially Responsible Investing Subpage, Photo by Riley Rowland
Investment Committee Subpage, Photo by Karissa Sellman
Financial Statements Subpage, Photo by James Abraham
Publications Page, Photo by Lauren Meyer
What We Fund: Photo by Pam Abraham
Our Wild America, Photo by Laura Peters
Environmental Law Program, Photo by James Abraham
Environmental Justice and Community Partnerships, Photo by Megan Fletcher
Partnership Grants, Photo by Justin Guay
Grassroots ImpactsPhoto by Zorn Taylor
Ways to Give: Photo by Janet Tarbox
Bequests, Photo by Deborah Meyer
Charitable Gift Annuities, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Donor Advised Funds, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Endowment Funds, Photo by Deborah Meyer
Giving Societies, Photo © 2012 Jeffrey Dubinsky
John Muir Society, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Workplace Giving & Matching Gifts, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Memorial Gifts, Photo by Pam Abraham
Donor Resources, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Terms & Conditions, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Privacy Policy, Photo by Doug DaSilva
FAQs, Photo by Doug DaSilva
Blog Page Header, Photo by Deborah Meyer
News & Updates Header, Photo by Lauren Meyer




The Sierra Club Foundation stewards charitable contributions and assets responsibly. We are proud to have earned a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and an A from CharityWatch. Our high ratings from nonprofit watchdog organizations demonstrate our commitment to sound fiscal management, good governance, and commitment to accountability and transparency.